We Accelerate Your Results

mike_coaching_webRight now, your results are the outcome of two competing forces. Some forces push you forward, and others are pushing back against your efforts.

If your results are flat, that means that these two opposing forces are in balance. We want to upset that balance - in your favor.

We want to be your secret weapon in the war against personal mediocrity.

To tip the balance of forces that keep your results in check we will:
1. Tap into your innate desire to accomplish what is important to you
2. Build up a relentless focus on your goals and keystone actions
3. Change your environment to enforce excellence
4. Fanatically measure your progress
5. Help you to spend enough time each week on your important things

Maybe that sounds too simple, but to accomplish what you are capable of isn’t going to be easy. That’s why more people are not where they want to be in life. That’s why you might need a coach. I would like you to consider us at the coach for you.

We will custom fit a 12 Week Year coaching program for you to keep you on track with your goals and moving forward. If you have read Michaels book, you know that The 12 Week Year can help you to reach your goals faster.

There is no other place you can get this powerful coaching approach and quickly put the 12 Week Year to work for you. Top executives, athletes, and people who are committed to their goals in life have coaches because they know coaching works - and they own getting better. How about you?

Michael is the CEO of The 12 Week Year Coach, and is the author of the NYT bestselling book The 12 Week Year. He and his team of certified coaches are uniquely qualified to help you become excellent – and to help you do it in the next 12 Weeks. What are you waiting for?

Call us today at 517.708.2095 to learn how the 12 Week Year can help you to create excellence in your business and personal life. Or email us at Coach@12weekyear.com.

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